Criminal Justice (Spring 2024)


Avoid Wrongful Conviction by Excluding Bad Evidence from Trial. Master Evidence Law Without the Modern Law School Cost, Political Correctness, Critical Race Theory or “Diversity, Inclusion & Equity” Cultism!

The mission of our Evidence Law: Guardrails of Justice Course is to provide a thorough understanding of evidentiary law as it is taught in law school, but at a fraction of the time and cost of what law school costs today, and without the political correctness, critical race theory, or “diversity, inclusion, and equity” cultism that has so thoroughly infected modern law schools. We just do law, as traditionally taught, period.


Criminal Justice is about more than just what happens in court.  It is about the entire holistic system, from crime prevention to police departments, (yes) the court system, prisons, parole and rehabilitation efforts.  The following is the modules to be presented, which will be more fully fleshed out as we get closer to the class.


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